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Abkhaz language

Abkhaz (/æbˈkɑːz/;[3] /æpˈhɑːz/;[4] sometimes spelled AbxazАԥсуа бызшәа IPA: [apʰswa bɨzʃʷa], also known as Abkhazian,[2][5][6] is a Northwest Caucasian language most closely related to Abaza. It is spoken mostly by the Abkhaz people. It is one of the official languages of Abkhazia,[a] where around 100,000 people speak it.[1] Furthermore, it is spoken by thousands of members of the Abkhazian diaspora in TurkeyGeorgia‘s autonomous republic of AdjaraSyriaJordan, and several Western countries. The Russian census of 2010 reported 6,786 speakers of Abkhaz in Russia.[7]